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We’re a high-quality marketing agency for non-profits. We meet you monthly, delivering supporters from nearby and beyond… and bolster your investment with grants.

We can help fulfill your mission. Meet with us and get:

  • Up to 2 hours of free marketing strategy advising
  • Free results forecast specific to your goals,
  • Case studies and free resources, and/or
  • Free Google Ad Grant application, with paid service plans

People to your cause, Cause to the world

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Out of every nonprofit in your field, why is yours important to support? In helping causes like yours, we learn who you are and we help you tell your story to the world.

As a result, we’ve helped our clients achieve:

  • Hundreds of clients of all sizes, missions, and target localities
  • Over $10M dollars of ads managed
  • Ads displayed over 200 million times 
  • 100% Google Ad Grants (re)activation rate, guaranteed or money-back
  • 90-100% Google Ad Grants utilization rates typical

People Need To See Your Mission To Realize Your Benefits

We Break Barriers to Visibility

Our automation cuts down time-consuming and complex work. Get high-volume ad creation.

Low-Cost Brand Awareness

Automation plus Google waives the cost of ad clicks, saving our clients 90% compared to traditional ad agencies.

Meet our Team

Cole, Writer Worcester, MA Clark U. History BA Comms, MS

Cole’s background in history and communication has built a critical foundation in writing, proofreading, and analysis. Currently, he is one of PromoterMotor’s marketers.

Iggy, Programmer Los Angeles CA Washington, DC Indiana U. Comp. Sci. BS

Iggy is a leader in ad generation software, with particular strengths in Java and SQL. With PromoterMotor, Iggy assists in all software development and improvements. 

Eshwin, Writer Chicago IL U. Illinois Chicago Applied Economics MA

Eshwin provides a unique perspective to client campaign success, through his background in Economics, and statistical analysis. 

Angela, HR Los Angeles CA Business Admin and Management BS Cal. State U.

With skills in proofreading and interviewing, Angela helps onboard all of our new team members and manages PromoterMotor’s HR team.

Paul, Outreach Marion IN Business Admin and Management BS Cal. State U.

Paul is PromoterMotor’s business supervisor, in which he dedicates his work to nonprofit outreach and supports our efforts to serve good causes. 

Samantha, Writer Brooklyn NY World Literature, Media Focus BA UC Cal.

With a literature and marketing background, Samantha has helped build and currently supervises the marketing department of PromoterMotor. 

Ken, Outreach Leesburg, IN Iowa State U. Business Admin BA, Marketing

As an advocate for the non-profit sector, Ken firmly believes that by addressing the complex challenges we face today we can create a more equitable and inclusive society.

Benjamin, CEO North Webster IN IN U. Cog Sci, Comp Sci Math; UPenn CIS MS

Ben is the founder of PromoterMotor and has served nonprofits for nearly a decade. 

Nance, Outreach Webster, IN Business Admin and Management BS Cal. State U.

Nance is deeply passionate about supporting nonprofits and their ability to bring about positive change in the world. She aims to build communities up and foster inclusivity.  

PromoterMotor Success

Case Studies

with Google Ad Grants, Website Writing, & More

Meeting The Needs of Non-Profits

Effective communication of your organization’s mission requires a specific tone, focus on promoting your mission, and aim to build connections rather than selling products. 

Lead People to relationship with your mission.

Catch Their Attention
Ads that appeal to the emotions of the
website visitor,delivered to the right
user with the right message at the right

Track The Right Metrics
Objectives and outcomes that are
assessed by experts in SEO and SEM
strategy,specifically for the nonprofit

Build Your Reputation
An online presence that puts forth your
credibility as a leader in your cause.

Leverage Our Years of Expertise

We have custom-built tools to maximize Google Ads performance

Our technology and expertise are designed to reach results, ensuring the success of your nonprofit.

We provide assistance beyond ad maintenance, such as website layout design, SEO capability, social media presence, and more

Save Hours On Training
Google Ads alone can take an
average of 100 hours of training to
master the platform and develop a
style of promotional writing

Impact More Than A Bottom Line
We understand better than most that
nonprofits need profit in order to
actualize their cause

Leading Google’s Search Results
Navigate the for-profit landscape of
Google Ads with the help of an
experienced team

Top of page, Top of mind, Top-notch Services

Online marketing requires expertise, time, and ongoing training that PromoterMotor handles

efficiently and effectively to ensure your non-profits’ success

Advertising for Non-Profits Your nonprofit will show up on the search engine results page. The right people will learn about your mission and go to your website.

Analytics Tracking Services Monitoring website outcomes from ads is vital for performance assessment, strategy optimization, tracking metrics, and ROI.

Webpage, Social Media,
and Newsletter Writing
Our website content writing services are comprehensive, covering everything from idea generation and content creation to editing and proofreading.

Our Marketing Publications

“Building a Strategy and Gauging Return on Investment (ROI): Two Huge Roadblocks for Nonprofits.” Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN)

How We Optimize Your Return on Investment

PromoterMotor’s, a trusted partner for nonprofits, offers audits and guidance to enhance their online presence and achieve growth goals, backed by research from 300 executives

“AP Perspectives: Risk Reset.” Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP Global)

Taking Risks is Vital for Your Goals

Ben Ashpole is a professional in nonprofit advertising who can help your organization embrace risk for success. With his expertise in online attention generation and commitment to societal betterment, PromoterMotor is the ideal partner to navigate risks effectively and help you achieve your goals.

Expand your Mission to Eager Ambassadors

Monthly Meetings to Ensure Your Success

Always keep sight of how your campaign results should interplay with your overall strategy with our monthly meetings and advising sessions. 

Best Practices

Our services write hundreds of ad variants to ensure your ads match search engine quality standards. 


Concept for section: Return On Investment, Mission Impact, Key Performance Indicators.


Google conducts quarterly algorithm changes. We reflect on your current Grant status to ensure your compliance by keeping up with their requirements.

Strategic Advising

Concept for section: How you work with a dedicated writer, flexibility.

Let’s Meet

 1 free results forecast specific to your goals, and/or a free Google Ad Grant application, with paid service plans.

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